The Power of Poetry

Hey, y’all! Check out this awesome essay our very own Ronnie K. Stephens wrote!!! THEN BUY HIS BOOK!!!! But really, they’re both great :)

New South Fest!!! Austin, TX


Hey y’all! We’ll be hanging out at the New South Fest tomorrow from 11a-6p at the French Legation Museum! It’s free and open to the public! Come by our booth, look at some books, get a free Timber Mouse sticker!

For more info:


We’re celebrating the release of Ronnie K Stephens’ new book! Come check it out!


OUR POISON HORSE: A Literary Adventure of Beer, Books, and Boogie



Come check out what our buds over at Write Bloody are up to and see Timber Mouse’s own Kevin Burke!


Come celebrate the release of Derrick Brown’s newest book of poems, Our Poison Horse.

The evening will be full of magic, live music, beer, an auction, and stories and poetry from:

Derrick C. Brown
Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz
Anis Mojgani

Kevin Burke

Join us on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 8 p.m. at The Off Center in Austin, Texas.

All ages are welcome. Admission is $8 and $5 for students.


HOLY MOLEY!!! It’s been a while since any updates, folks. Here’s what’s up, WE HAVE TWO NEW BOOKS OUT!!!!

We are proud to present

“Universe in the Key of Matryoshka” by Ronnie K. Stephens


“Fat Girl Finishing School” by Rachel Wiley

Exciting Things

Exciting things for you!!!

Ronnie K. Stephens books is almost done!

We just greenlit and are editing Rachel Wiley’s book!

Wanna come hang out in Chicago with Kevin W. Burke, Ebony Stewart, and Bill Moran!?
Come to Logan Cafe on 4/9 @7:30pm.
More detials here:

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Happy Hanukkah Too!!!

Nothing says turkey, footbal, and thankfulness like a good book of poetry! Coming soon for the holidays, our titles will be available on Ebooks!

In the meantime, here’s a poem from Captain Kevin W. Burke:

“To All You Mountain Goat Feet and Smiling Lifeboats

Thank you for the sun.
Thank you for the blinds.
Thank you for the crack in the blinds.
Thank you for these eyes.
Thank you for the morning in these eyes
for waking up
for yawns
creaks and cracks
for first breaths.
Thank you for firsts.
Thank you for firsts
that disguise themselves so well
as beginnings after an end.
Thank you for the ends and what’s left but rebar.
Thank you for what is behind me.
Thank you for what is in front of me.
Thank you for jeans.
Thank you for boots.
Thank you for miles
and miles
and tires
and miles
and miles
and smiles.
Thank you for teeth
these tuning forks for forgiveness.
Thank you for ears
forgetting the shape of “tone deaf” in my mouth
and the sound of skin on my tongue.
Thank you for my tongue.
For voice.
For taste.
Thank you for food.
Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for friends.
For family.
For hands.
Thank you for work
and worry
and cops
and suits
and force
and ravishment
and broken trust
and the bastards who made me what I am.
The fans for my flames.
The sides for my thorns.
Thank you for weary.
For better days.
For a home.
For pride in action and sweat.
For smoothed knots,
cradled crepitus,
and holding on.
Thank you for pillows.
For sheets
and comforters and their palms.
For the crack in the blinds.
For the blinds.
For night.
For night.
For sleep.
For the time until the sun.

Thank you for not doing it when I could have.
When I wanted to
when it filled the windshield.
I still can.
I still hear it sometimes.
But thank you for not
and instead
turning around
and thanking the sun.

Thank you for the sun.
Thank you for the sun.”

Austin Poetry Potluck ft. Lacey Roop & Korim

Click the flyer to visit the Facebook event page!

Greetings, poetry fans. This Sunday, Timber Mouse and Write Bloody are teaming up to bring you another Poetry Potluck! We provide the poets, you bring the snacks, and the rest will be history! The night will feature performances from Timber Mouse’s own Lacey Roop and Korim, plus Kevin W. Burke will be selling new chapbooks for your reading pleasure. Click the flyer to visit the Facebook event page.

Timber Mouse Poetry Meets Music this Weekend

Hello friends!

This weekend a super cool event is taking place which fuses spoken word poetry and music. Timber Mouse’s own Kevin Burke and Lacey Roop will perform alongside choral singers at the North Door this FRIDAY & SATURDAY (tickets & info HERE).

Want to be the first to know about Timber Mouse escapades and endeavors? Follow @TimberMouseATX on Twitter!

See you cool cats on the interwebs!

Thank You Thank You

A big thanks to everybody who came out to Ebony Stewart’s book release last night!


Thanks for the support :)

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