Timber Mouse is an independent publisher based in Austin, TX.  Our goal is to give voice to the latest and finest artists of spoken word poetry by building a community to print books, cut records, promote, and do our best to boogie down in the name of words. Recently, we have teamed up with texas based Write About Now in an effort to reach more fans of poetry and to continue to strengthen the community. We here at Timber Mouse will continue to do what we do best (make beautiful books) while the folks at Write about now share those books and authors with the world through video and their online store.

Why the name “Timber Mouse”? While growing up, The father of founder Kevin W. Burke would make up bed time stories on the fly for Kevin and his sister.  One of the reoccurring characters was a mouse that lived in the wood pile in their backyard named Timber Mouse.  In the spirit of oral history and storytelling, Kevin adopted that little guy’s name for this endeavor.